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“Listen, Listen,

Can you hear the voice of humanity?

Explore the silence,

Hear the absence of the bird’s song,

Whispers of the brushes feel right in a peacebuilder’s hands.

Engage your pain,

Search deep into the silence,

On a journey of discovery.

Stillness, stillness,

Search within uncertainty,


Enchant others,

Carry peacebuilding,

And present a brand new day to humanity.

Hinau, Mother speaks with pain,

Don’t make light the work of the people,


Restore knowledge from time’s mistakes,

Clay and earth build anew,

Herding you sorrows away.

Nature’s strength carries,

the wounds of the world,


Listen, listen

Do you remember the voice of humanity?


Written in collaboration by:

Pat Augsburger (U.S.)

Ana-Latu Dickson (P.N.G)

Taylor Gray Harrison (U.S.)



“Listen, Listen”


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