Social Media

Social Media: Why Activist Should Get on Board

Photographed by Taylor Gray Harrison

Photographed by Taylor Gray Harrison

Tuesday night, Associate Professor Paulette Moore, gathered with students of the Summer Peacebuilding Institute to discuss the importance of social media for peace builders. She referenced Andy Carvin and Ai Weiwei as two great examples of social media activists. Using resources like Twitter and Facebook not only enables you to reach a greater audience, but it also helps you to establish a relationship with other activists too.

She explained how Twitter allows you to access people that previously you could have only dreamt of communicating with. People like, Barack Obama. Yes, you could send a direct message to our current president right now if you wanted. That’s the power of social media! It’s not just for posting pictures of your cat anymore. It’s a place capable of great impact, if we only are willing to take advantage of it.


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